Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Arithmetic of a stitch-up


  1. What is this budget for?
    Does it include pay?

    1. This budget includes staff for Assembly members to assist them in holding the Mayor to account.

    2. Thank you.

      I am replying here in my personal capacity and not necessarily that of B21.

      So, the larger parties will have the advantage of economies of scale. And the largest party has taken the greatest hit, with the Conservatives hardly touched.

      The function here is Scrutiny – holding the Mayor to account.

      Here in Redbridge we had a situation where the Conservative Cabinet was scrutinised by Conservative Chairs of Scrutiny committees for some years – because the Conservatives had an overall majority they were able to “stitch-up” the scrutiny process.

      We now have a ConDem council and the Scrutiny committees are chaired by the opposition – Labour.

      It seems to me, as an impartial observer [sic!], that the function of Scrutiny should by definition be led by the opposition – that is after all the role they were elected, by us, to do.

      We have a Conservative Mayor being scrutinised by the opposition who Chair the scrutiny committees – what exactly is wrong with that?

      Sounds to me like the bleeting of sheep who no longer can get their own way by walking out of meetings.

      I once had some respect for you Andrew, but I am beginning to wonder ….

  2. If these were the same Conservative voters who re-elected Boris, then tis well that their voices are quietened.

  3. Thank goodness. Hopefully we can now have a debate about cycling in London without the Tories walking out in childish fashion.

  4. Did the Budget include vote Ken second choice leaflet? .